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The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power Programs

LADWP Programs 

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power offers a range of services to help you achieve your goals. Whether you're looking to save money, conserve water and energy, or create a beautiful landscape, there is a program for you. Explore the programs below to learn more.

Free Tree Program 

Enhance your outdoor space with the Free Tree Program. LADWP will provide up to 7 free shade trees delivered to your door. Enjoy the benefits of shade, improved air quality, and increased property value. Click here to request a tree or learn more.

Level Pay Program

Say goodbye to fluctuating utility bills with the Level Pay Program. Create a payment plan that spreads your energy costs evenly throughout the year. Enjoy peace of mind and better budgeting with this convenient program. Click here to apply for program or learn more.

Consumer Rebate Program

Save money while upgrading your home with the Consumer Rebate Program. LADWP offers rebates on certain energy-efficient appliances, windows, cool roofs, and more. Take advantage of these incentives to reduce your energy consumption and lower your utility bills. Click here to learn more or apply.

Turf Replacement Program

The Turf Replacement Program is the perfect way to upgrade your outdoor spaces and make them more sustainable. Using California Friendly® plants, including native species, along with a rain capturing feature, you can make sure your surrounding stays beautiful even in drought conditions. Additionally, you'll get a rebate of $5.00 per square foot of turf removed and rebates for rainwater collection items.  Click here to learn more or apply.

Home Energy Improvement

Join LADWP's Home Energy Improvement Program and start saving on your energy bills today.  LADWP assesses your home to identify the most appropriate and effective improvements for your home. Then your assessment is forwarded to their skilled repair technicians, who complete the work to ensure your home is more energy-efficient. Click here for more information or to apply.

Financial Assistance Programs

We understand how important it is for families to stay comfortable in their homes. LADWP offers Financial Assistance Programs that are specifically designed to help low-income families with their energy bills. There are discounts available for seniors, low income families, people with serious illnesses, and those who rely on life support equipment. There are also payment plans, state funding support programs, and more. Click here for a full list of financial programs. Click here to fill out a short form to see which programs you qualify for.

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